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Comic/ Graphic Novel Research Part 6 (Philip Hampson)

This next style is from a comic called Back to basics by Dylan Teague. I feel it combines the styles of The Blue Lily Lawless. With its thick edges and dark bold tone to it gives the distinctive noir look. The detail in the characters is particularly interesting as it shows the emotion of each character. (Figure 1)

Style 6

(Figure 1 Back to basics by Dylan Teague)

This image is from the from the front cover of the book that most of the above images are from Comic art now by Dez Skinn. Unfortunately the artist isn’t credited but I feel it is a perfect example of noir Comic styles. With the bold shadows and Femme Fetal style female character the image has so much character it would make a perfect Graphic novel. (Figure 2)

Front cover

(Figure 2 Comic art now by Dez Skinn (Illustrator unknown)

Figure 1 and 2 from Comic art now  By Dez Skinn


Comic/ Graphic Novel Research Part 5 (Philip Hampson)

This style was what I had planned for my hypothetical 3rd comic. It has very realistic looking characters and almost looks like a photograph. This comic is Echoes of Dawn by Cliff Richards (Figure 1). This is similar to the style I used for a previous project. It was making a point and click game, but we used real photographs for the visuals. I then took these images and edited them in photo shop. The game is called Caedus Mysterium.( Figure 2)

Style 5


(Figure 1 Echoes of Dawn By Cliff Richards)



(Figure 2 Caedus Mysterium. Photography by Fred Iles. Edited by Philip Hampson.

Figure 1 from Comic Art now by Dez Skinn

Comic/ Graphic Novel Research part 4 (Philip Hampson)

This next style is closer to what I wanted for my comic. This is created in Adobe Photoshop. It gives the images a glossy and bold look with its thick lines and bold shadows. This is from the comic The Blue Lily by Angus Mckie. (Figure 1)

style 4

(Figure 1 Blue Lily By Angus Mckie)

As a comparison here is a section from my comic Eddie Jones illustrated by Lauren Saunders. (Figure 2)

Page 1 prison phil edit Jpeg version


(Figure 2 Eddie Jones By Philip Hampson (Illustrated by Lauren Saunders)

Figure 2 from Comic art now by Dez Skinn


Comic/ Graphic Novel Research part 3 (Philip Hampson)

This is similar to the  style of November By Robert Deas but with black and white colouring. This style has a more traditional noir feel to it due to the strong shadows(Figure 1)(Lawless by Sean Phillips). This is similar to Laurie Dix’s comic Detective Raymond Phillips. (Figure 2)

Style 3


(Figure 1 Lawless by Sean Phillips)

Detective Raymond Phillips style


(Figure 2 Detective Raymond Phillips by Laurie Dix ( Illustrated by Darren Kay)


Figure 1 from Comic art now by Dez Skinn

Comic/ Graphic Novel research part 2 (Philip Hampson

Here is a darker style of Amy Turner’s, which is something that I believe would have created an interesting comic. I’d like to work on a comic with this style in the future. (Figure 1)Amy Style 2

(Figure 1 by Amy turner)

This is another style that interested me. (Figure 2) It has a very distinctive noir feel to it but with colour, possibly closer to the Neo-noir style. I felt that just because the film was black and white, it didn’t meant all the comics had to be.

Style 2

(Figure 2 by Robert Deas called November.)


Figure 1 By Amy Turner from

Figure 2 from Comic art now by Dez Skinn

Comic/ Graphic Novel Research (Philip Hampson)

This is a style I was expecting to get from my second illustrator. Unfortunately my second novel was never started, as the illustrator wasn’t available enough to work on it. Judging by some of her work this is what I would expect. (Figure 1). I feel this style would have worked, it is very different from the others that were created but that was the point of making multiple comics with different styles. We wanted the visual style to compliment the narrative, and the idea of having radically different visual and narrative styles was an interesting concept.This is a comic by Laura Howell called The Bizarre adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan

Style 1

(Figure 1 The Bizarre adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan.)

This is some artwork from my Secondary Illustrator Amy Turner (Figure 2). She has many different styles. Some are much darker/ grittier, while others are bright, colourful and cartoonish.

Amy drawing style 1

(Figure 2. Drawing by Amy Turner)


Figure 1 from Comic art now By Dez Skinn

Figure 2 by Amy Turner from