Noir meets reality


New Synopsis (Laurie Dix)

Johnny lies dead in the alleyway. His voice-over ponders how he came to be in this position.

 Johnny and Madeline are having dinner, Madeline seems distant. John is concerned and removes himself.

In the bathroom, John has a moment of what could be considered clarity, before returning to his Noir fantasy. He returns to Madeline, and they leave the restaurant with Johnny suspicious that someone wants rid of him; he suspects Madeline.

Madeline drags Johnny down an alleyway, where he confesses his infidelity. Madeline is not surprised and instead confronts him about it.

 Johnny’s fictional reality is shattered and we see the truth, John and Madeline are normal people in modern society, having an argument. John has tried to hide his faults by escaping to a world inside his own head. As John and Madeline argue, we see the ‘reality’ and the ‘noir’ switch abruptly as John struggles to cope with the situation.

In the real world, Madeline breaks up with John.

In the Noir reality, Madeline shoots Johnny and then explains how it was all a ploy for her to steal money, thus absolving him of his guilt.

John wakes up in the street to find a man peering down on him. John brushes himself off and walks into the sunset.


Script Versions (Laurie Dix)

All 10 versions of the script thus far, since it was given to me to adapt.

1 is the oldest and most similar to Ben and Phils original script, 10 is the most recent and what we will be using for production, unless there are other versions written before shooting.

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #1

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s Edit #2

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #3

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #4

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #5

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #6

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #7

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #8

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #9

Johnny Noir – Laurie’s edit #10

Johnny Noir script version 3

Heres draft 3 of the Johnny Noir Script Johnny Noir v3

Script Version 2

Heres another draft of the Johnny Noir Script  Johnny Noir v2

Johnny Noir project

This is the blog for the UWE student project Johnny Noir.  Here is the script in PDF format, its an old version so i will be updated and changed over the coming weeks: Johnny Noir Draft 1

here is a preliminary crew list :

Ben James and Tara KalisZewski (Directors)
Ben James and Philip Hampson and Laurie Dix ( Script writers)
Phil and Tara ( producers)
Phil and charlie ( camera)
Naby M Diallo and Chloe Lucas  ( DOP)
Phil, laurie, ( possibly naby and tara) Editors
Tom Collier and Thomas Doyle and Daniel Minty ( sound)
Zubair Niwas ( lighting)

Personal mission statements from each group member will follow this post .