Noir meets reality

Mission Statements

Charlie Parsons Mission Statement

Charlie parsons Treatment


I will be working as a camera operator in the noir-comedy-surrealist short Johnny Noir. As the genre and visual strategy of the script is already fixed, and a creative interpretation has been made, my role will be mainly physical. I intend to professionally produce any compositions and techniques that are instructed of me by the director and acting cinematographer, as well as presenting my own creative input when necessary. I think my competence in camera operating and knowledge in cinematic composition will allow me to effectually communicate with the production team and carry out all tasks that are asked of me.


Daniel Minty Mission Statement

Mission Statement –

Johnny Noir sees the amalgamation of real life working class style argument in a combination with the early 1940’s noir aesthetic. During the course of this project, I have opted to work on the Sound Design and Post and I would also like to have an input into the Visual Post-Production and Location & Cast Management.

Firstly, Location during this project is vital. Scenes just as the very first lines where a lead protagonist is required to be floating in the water at a dockside comes with a hefty amount of paperwork, which is why we need to ensure that this scene is done fairly quickly. I propose that we perhaps reconsider this location and perhaps think of something a bit more feasible such as a lake to represent the dockside. I am quite concerned about this scene, but that is just an example of how important locations are for this – especially for the noir side – to represent areas that were perhaps around in the 1940’s.

Second, I am really looking to focus on the sound element of the project, both designing and in post-production. I’d especially like to work on the noir sound elements of the film. Taking from such influences as Touch of Evil (Welles, 1958) The Big Sleep (Hawks, 1946) and the almighty Sunset Boulevard (Wilder, 1950) I think this will feed into the way and shape that I design Johnny Noir. On a musical basis for the noir side – we need to find an orchestra or a non-commercial way to reconstruct the musical soundtrack of the piece which relies heavily on the stringed instruments and the clarinet. These are just a few things I am thinking about

Finally, I think the role of the cast and visual post-production roles are something I have experience with and feel that I could competently be involved within if needed.

Naby Diallo Mission Statement

I’m interested in working on Johnny Noir because I like the script and I have enjoyed the previous work made by the people assembled within the group. In recent projects I’ve worked as a camera operator, light technician aswell as an editor. Therefore it’s the ideal opportunity to take up the role of DOP and the responsabilities that it comes with. Im confident my previous experience operating cameras will certainly give me an edge when it comes to making decision as well as collaborating with the director and the crew. Being a DOP brings in more responsability, in my last project I enjoyed making important decisions which led to a quality outcome. I’m very relaxed, I like challenges and johnny noir certainly brings one which I aim to conquer.

Philip Hampson Mission Statement

Philip Hampson- Producer, Editor, Writer, Camera operator

For Johnny Noir my Main focus is Producer, Camera operator and editor. I aim to improve my portfolio with more projects that I have produced, I want to get back into filming as it has been too long since I worked with cameras, and I also want to edit because this seems like a great opportunity to create some stylistic work. I am also co writer/co script editor, and I aim to improve the work myself and Ben James wrote last year, this is a lot of work but I am determined to work to the best of my ability.


Tara Kaliszewski Mission Statement

For the Johnny Noir script I will be taking on two roles. I will be one of two producers on
this project. I plan to help oversee all aspects of the project and help provide an organised
and well structured atmosphere so that the project can run as smoothly as possible. I will
also look into the best way to market the idea. The other role I will be taking on is one of
the 2 directors. I was instantly drawn to the script as it has a lot of creative potential with
the use of the film noir genre. I plan to work closely with the other director, DoP and editors
to bring this script to life. This project will help me develop my skills as a producer/director
and put in to action the techniques I’ve learnt in the previous module. It will allow me to
work with a lot of people I haven’t worked with before thus enabling me to see what other
team members have to offer in a project and who works well with each other which could
potentially lead to an ideal production team in the third year.

Tom Collier Mission statement

Sound Designer – Treatment for Johnny Noir


For the Johnny Noir project I would like to take the lead as part of a two man team responsible for the sound design and recording on this interesting film noir script that allows a lot of experimental sound design and as a whole a fresh and unique concept compared to the majority of other scripts on offer, that I believe I will enjoy working on and allow a lot of creative flair. I believe it will be an important project to demonstrate and build a portfolio that endorses the technical and professional practice skill set of sound recording and sound design that I developed with the previous craft skills module. As well as offer me the opportunity to work with people on the course I previously haven’t and find out what everyone has to offer and if I can gel and have a cohesive, successful professional relationship with them that creates a impressive final project that we can all be proud of, which im sure is the case.


Ben James mission Statement

Ben James – Director & Scriptwriter

Johnny Noir

For Johnny Noir my primary focus as a director is to make a stylistic and experimental film out of the script. I want to build up my portfolio as a director and work closely with all of the crew (Sound design, DOP’s, editing, script) so that we can all be on the same page and create a vision that everyone wants to work towards. My secondary focus will be to re-work the script so that the dialogue feels more naturalistic and work closely with the rest of the script writing team so that the script makes sense and will translate well into the visual medium.