Noir meets reality

Johnny Noir, The Concept/Idea (Ben James)

Hello all. I’ve told this tale quite a few times now, but I thought I’d share with everyone about how I came up with the concept of Johnny Noir and how it got made into a script.

The script idea for Johnny Noir was something that I dreamt of one night. Well, I’d say half of the idea was present in the dream. In the dream I witnessed a few events in a Noir-like fantasy. In one instance, a couple of characters were under a bridge that crossed a dockside. It was somewhat and romantic until everything went to hell. The woman of the couple quickly turned on the man, revealing a gun. After a struggle the woman manages to shoot the man and this was the point where I woke up from the dream. The other event that occurred within the dream was a bank heist pulled off by a group of men. They pulled out outside of a bank guns blazing and robbed the place before driving off again.

It was about 4am when I awoke from the dream and I immediately grabbed a notepad to write down what would be the very first basic plot outline of Johnny Noir which at the time I referred to as Noir Fantasy. This dream came to me at some point during the scriptwriting module in where we had to team up with another person in order to create a script that would later go on to possibly being made into a short film. I teamed up with Phil Hampson and we got started on writing this Noir fantasy.



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