Noir meets reality

Sin City – Frank Miller (Laurie Dix)


Sin City is a comic I had previously overlooked, although perhaps foolishly.

Created by Frank Miller in 1991, Sin City was a series of 6 stories (spread across several comics), which all mimicked and exaggerated the ‘Noir’ style. Most of the illustrations appear as white on black, often highly textured and detailed, which is something I find intriguing.

Not only is the visual style an enhanced representation of how Frank Miller perceives ‘Noir’, the six stories overlap, having certain crossover points.

Unwittingly, I think that what we have ended up creating with Johnny Noir, is a not-so-stylish Sin City; The story crossovers, the style, the fact that in 2005 it was made as a film which sparked off more interest in the comics, so there were now comics and a film existing alongside one another… We’ve basically ripped it off without meaning to. Although our story is incredibly different, I am now looking at Frank Miller’s products and thinking ‘There is no way we will not be directly compared to this’. All I can hope is that the comparisons are good.

I like Frank Miller’s layouts, often using up entire spreads with one image which contains several fluid panels, so there are no spaces between the panels, but several images on one page.

I especially like the graphic style, using white on black rather than black on white, the heavy use of texture and the contrast. I think this is a direction I would definitely like to go with the comics, inviting more comparisons, but with the understanding that we all draw inspiration from somewhere.


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