Noir meets reality

Comic/ Graphic Novel Research (Philip Hampson)

This is a style I was expecting to get from my second illustrator. Unfortunately my second novel was never started, as the illustrator wasn’t available enough to work on it. Judging by some of her work this is what I would expect. (Figure 1). I feel this style would have worked, it is very different from the others that were created but that was the point of making multiple comics with different styles. We wanted the visual style to compliment the narrative, and the idea of having radically different visual and narrative styles was an interesting concept.This is a comic by Laura Howell called The Bizarre adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan

Style 1

(Figure 1 The Bizarre adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan.)

This is some artwork from my Secondary Illustrator Amy Turner (Figure 2). She has many different styles. Some are much darker/ grittier, while others are bright, colourful and cartoonish.

Amy drawing style 1

(Figure 2. Drawing by Amy Turner)


Figure 1 from Comic art now By Dez Skinn

Figure 2 by Amy Turner from



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