Noir meets reality

Art Style Experiments (Laurie Dix)

Due to the fact that I currently have not been able to find enough illustrators to take on all my comics, I have decided to see if I might be able to illustrate one of them myself. I have started testing out different graphic styles and seeing if I like any of them. Here are a few of my experiments. Some are more “cartoony”, others are less ‘Stylised’ but none of them are realistic, as I am not an artist or an illustrator, although I did get some new pens specifically for this, and although they weren’t cheap, they did make me very happy as they’re properly lovely to use.

Scan 131300001-1 Scan 131300001-5 Scan 131300001-14 Scan 131300001-15 Scan 131300001-16Scan 131300067

Scan 131300001 This one is my favourite ‘Cartoon’ type one. This is a new style to me, so it amuses me. I have no drawn anything like this before. Scan 131300065I am also pleased with this one, although I am not a competent enough artist to be able to replicate this enough times to create a comic book.


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