Noir meets reality

Double indemnity research report ( Phil Hampson)

Double indemnity


The murder was for money and a woman. (Similar to Johnny noir)

The narration is Walter recording his confession, which is shown at the start of the film, the film is flashbacks as to why he murdered someone. (Johnny noir is flashbacks of why he’s been killed)

As narration is playing the visuals are less important, almost feel like filler.

A plot twist that introduces an unknown character (similar to our film)


Lots of daytime scenes. Smoke isn’t as prominent. Scenes in the day are more grey and white. Nighttime scenes are mostly black and grey, with only light sources being white.

Nightime scenes the characters aren’t that well lit, (how well will this work with Johnny noir) a lot of shadows. Smoke still isn’t that prominent

You don’t see any blood


Walter starts of very smooth and confident, but after the murder he starts to panic about what he’s done. Until his boss backs him up on the insurance policy claim, where he becomes confident again. He starts to panic again once Keyes starts to figure out the plan. His character completely changes throughout the film, almost becoming as cold hearted as Phyllis.

Phyllis is very confident throughout the film, even after the murder, which makes her seem cold and uncaring. Still tries to make excuses and avoid the evidence that they could get caught. Blackmails Walter into sticking to the plan. Shows that she’s staying confident about getting the insurance claim money.


There’s only a couple of different songs to the whole film, shows that the budget for music was quite low.


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