Noir meets reality

Watchmen – Alan Moore (Laurie Dix)



Watchmen, again, does not do anything particularly special in terms of illustration, layout or character design, but once again succeeds in storytelling. An interesting thing about Watchmen is that, throughout the comic, there are cutaways and interjections from other stories, which all interlink.

This spread is interesting because of its transition from light to dark, and although its layout is very traditional, a standard 3×3, it adds pacing to the scene.

The character design, again, in terms of illustration is nice, but nothing all that special, but the characters themselves are written with depth and backstory, and we even get an idea of how we think they talk, just from the writing on the page and the font style and bubbles between each character. The Watchmen was made famous lately by being turned into a film, however, in my opinion, if I want to get the ‘Watchmen Experience’, I will always reach for the comic, which has much more depth to it.


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