Noir meets reality

The Crow – J. O’Barr (Laurie Dix)

the crow


The Crow is a bit more of a classic comic look, and only using black and white we can see the kind of look I am expecting. The Crow is very detailed, very stylised and the style changed throughout, as we can see here, between traditional illustrational style, highly detailed ink work and something very tonal, more similar to watercolours. The gothic nature of The Crow is the kind of tone that I hope we can achieve, and the feel seems just right for a noir comic. I don’t expect it to be this angst-laden, if anything I hope we can make it very sullen and emotionally bereft, but this is a good place to start when looking at graphic style which would lend itself to Noir comics. The use of dark tones, akin to German Expressionism, is what we are looking for, and indeed this Gothic style can be attributed to European and Scandinavian art, which is where the visual look for Noir began.

I will be suggesting this as an example of potential illustrative style.


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