Noir meets reality

Maus – Art Spiegelman (Laurie Dix)


Maus is an incredible example of ‘Comics’, usually seen as light hearted pulp, being used to discuss highly controversial and contestable issues. People could see it as a trivialisation of the holocaust, replacing Polish people with Mice and Nazis with Cats, however, as the acclaim it received will attest, it should be treated as a narrative, not viewed in such trivial and cynical light. It is a means of making learning about the horrors of the holocaust more accessible, which it should be, ‘Lest we forget’.

Maus has received some of the highest praise I have ever heard of from a comic, and is an incredible example of how such heavy subject matter can be approached through a universally accessible medium.

Whereas Maus deals with much more than our comics will, it is good to remember that comics are not just for children, they are not all about super heroes and fantasy characters, but can ve viewed as a form of High art; combining art work and storytelling which can be of the very highest degree.

If you have never read a comic, especially if it is for fear that “comics are for kids” (an argument I have heard many times), I implore you, read Maus. It will open your eyes to many things.


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