Noir meets reality

Citizen Kane research report ( Phil Hampson)

Interesting trailer that introduces all of the characters comically, with Orson Welles speaking over the visuals. Most of the footage doesn’t appear to be part of the film.

(Could we do a similar trailer for Johnny noir?)

Very Stylistic opening titles (we need to recreate them)


 Music: Very dramatic, jazzy ‘over the top’ music. Music is almost constant, very rarely stops. Almost marching band style music (we need to find music similar to this)


Language and narration: Narrator is very loud and clear speaking (we don’t want Johnny’s narration to be broad and loud but it needs to be very clear)

Language of narration is very classical and has a strong vocabulary

Characters have very exaggerated accents.

Overall language is almost poetic


Camera: Minimal camera movement. Lots of fading out scenes. Some dolly movement. Lots of medium close ups( centre of chest-above head) very fuzzy and distorted visuals.( we need to keep to this style for the noir, the reality needs to completely juxtapose this)


Clothing men: high trousers, suits, slick back hair, hats, top hats bowler hats and more. Suspenders. Trench coats/ over coats. Waist coats, bow ties/ neck ties.


Clothing women: short or tied up hairstyles, big pearl necklaces, white pearl earrings. Fluffy scarfs, sparkly dress and jewelry, long dresses. Long gloves.


Lighting: mostly back lit, quite dark closer to the camera. Faces are very brightly lit.


Sound: constant static, most characters talk clearly and loud.


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