Noir meets reality

New crew list

This is our new crew list, this is pretty much the final roles:

Production Team:

Philip Hampson
Tara Kaliszewski

Ben James
Tara Kaliszewski

Script Team:
Writer – Ben James
Writer – Laurie Dix

Visual Team:
DoP – Naby Diallo
1st Camera – Naby Diallo
Assistant Camera – Phil Hampson

Sound Team:
Location Sound Head – Thomas Doyle
Location Sound Assistant -Daniel Minty
Sound Editors: Tom Collier
Minty and Thomas Doyle

Editing Team:
Laurie Dix
Phil Hampson

Casting Team:
Roz Dean?

Location Manager:

Hair and Make up:

Naby Diallo
We do need another person for this role.

Fashion Dept?
Actors bring their own costumes.

Spare pair of hands:
James Peden
Roz Dean


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