Noir meets reality

Johnny Noir Synopsis

Heres a Synopsis of Johnny Noir, Also available on the About Page


Johnny Noir



In a Noir setting in the dockside city in the middle of the night, Johnny is lying face down in water surrounded by blood, appearing to be dead. Through narration the audience is taken back to earlier events in the story.

Johnny and his girlfriend Madeline are dressed up nicely and are in a high-class restaurant that is on one of the richer streets of the city. Through the narration it appears that Johnny is describing the beauty of the city though he is actually describing the beauty of Madeline. They are celebrating their first anniversary of being together and Johnny is eager to celebrate, though Madeline seems distracted. Johnny gets suspicious and starts to feel paranoid, excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Johnny reveals through the narration that he has cheated on Madeline with a girl named Fey and thinks she knows what’s going on, causing him to suspect that she may have poisoned his drink. Johnny feels that he needs to get out of the restaurant and take Madeline with him so he can tell her the truth.

Johnny hurries out of the restaurant and down a dimly lit street with Madeline trailing behind him. Johnny feels as if he should tell her, but Madeline grabs him and points out to him the bridge where they visited on their first date. Before Johnny can tell her about Fey, Madeline grabs him and takes him underneath the bridge where it’s dark and quiet.

Underneath the bridge Madeline begins to kiss Johnny passionately, causing Johnny to be distracted but he feels that he needs to tell her now. Just as Johnny is about to tell her what he did, Madeline reveals that she already knows about Fey. Johnny is shocked by this revelation.


We are taken into ‘reality’ where the scene has changed, revealing that the Noir fantasy has been playing out in Johnny’s head. Johnny goes from confident and well-dressed to scruffy and mumbling, and with Madeline going from elegant to loud-mouthed and wearing revealing clothing. Madeline starts to yell at Johnny and he tries to apologize but his confidence is gone and his voice is mumbling and cracked.


We are briefly taken back into the Noir fantasy where Johnny feels guilty and realises that he must make up for what he has done.




Madeline turns away from him, beginning to cry. Johnny feeling bad grabs her by the shoulder and tries to apologize to her again. Madeline turns to Johnny and frowns at him.


Johnny explains to her how it was all a mistake and how he would do anything to take it all back. Madeline suddenly grabs Johnny and holds him, kissing him and luring him into a false sense of security.  She then pushes him away, pulling a gun out from her purse, causing Johnny to back away closer to the water.

Johnny is surprised by this sudden development and begs Madeline to let him go, promising to her that he will leave her alone. Madeline tells Johnny that she can’t let that happen and just as she presses the gun into him, he grabs it and they begin to struggle over control of it. Madeline gains control and shoots him.


In reality Madeline starts frantically hitting Johnny as he tries to grab her hands and control her. Madeline manages to free herself and slaps Johnny hard, causing him to fall back into the water.


In the Noir where Johnny has been shot, Madeline kisses him on the lips, saying goodbye before he falls into the water. The scene from the beginning plays out with the same narration but gets cut off by reality.


It is now morning and Johnny wakes up face down in the side of the dock, drenched. A man approaches and yells at him, cutting off the narration. He asks Johnny if he’s okay. Johnny ignores the man and stands up, drowsy and confused. The man looks at him strangely and Johnny yells at him before walking off into the sunrise.



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