Noir meets reality

Tom Collier Mission statement

Sound Designer – Treatment for Johnny Noir


For the Johnny Noir project I would like to take the lead as part of a two man team responsible for the sound design and recording on this interesting film noir script that allows a lot of experimental sound design and as a whole a fresh and unique concept compared to the majority of other scripts on offer, that I believe I will enjoy working on and allow a lot of creative flair. I believe it will be an important project to demonstrate and build a portfolio that endorses the technical and professional practice skill set of sound recording and sound design that I developed with the previous craft skills module. As well as offer me the opportunity to work with people on the course I previously haven’t and find out what everyone has to offer and if I can gel and have a cohesive, successful professional relationship with them that creates a impressive final project that we can all be proud of, which im sure is the case.



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