Noir meets reality

Tara Kaliszewski Mission Statement

For the Johnny Noir script I will be taking on two roles. I will be one of two producers on
this project. I plan to help oversee all aspects of the project and help provide an organised
and well structured atmosphere so that the project can run as smoothly as possible. I will
also look into the best way to market the idea. The other role I will be taking on is one of
the 2 directors. I was instantly drawn to the script as it has a lot of creative potential with
the use of the film noir genre. I plan to work closely with the other director, DoP and editors
to bring this script to life. This project will help me develop my skills as a producer/director
and put in to action the techniques I’ve learnt in the previous module. It will allow me to
work with a lot of people I haven’t worked with before thus enabling me to see what other
team members have to offer in a project and who works well with each other which could
potentially lead to an ideal production team in the third year.


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